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While planning your next flight, this page has a wealth of information that is integral to preparing, analyzing, and filing your next flight.  Everything at your fingertips to help you on your aviation journey.  Enjoy!

NOAA (National Weather Service)  – with complete aviation weather outlook for flight planning purposes.Weather Warnings

Aviation Weather Center – An interactive map that you can set up to obtain a wealth of planning and data for planning and executing your flight.  There is also an interactive “Flight Path” tool that you can launch from your desktop application to thoroughly analyze your planned flight.

Aviation Weather Center Metars-TAFs

Typical Enroute Thunderstorm Activity

Weather Warnings and Watches – Contains National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration web sites that contain information about weather related warnings and watches including: Warnings by state, latest warnings, thunderstorm and tornado outlook, flood watches/snow and ice outlook, river flooding, hurricanes, fire weather outlook, UV alerts, and NWS warning polygons in Shapefile format.National Weather Service Weather Warnings

METARs / TAFs –  Obtain current and forecast weather for your flight.  With this link, after you enter the 4 letter ICAO identifier of the airport you can obtain METARs and TAFs by selecting:Get TAFs and METARs

Aviation Weather Center Metars-TAFsMetar-TAF

METAR Decoder – Learn the format and abbreviations for reading and understanding a METAR.

Metar Decode

TAF Decoder –  Learn the format and abbreviations for reading and understanding a TAF.TAF Decoder

Flight Planning  –  Powerful Tools for Preflight, In-flight and Post-Flight.  This is a great tool with information all in one place:  Weather and Notams, Airports and FBOs, Area Fuel Prices, Nearby Airports, Quick Trip Info, Digital Charts, and Aircraft Tracking (live and historical).  A must for any cross country airman or flight operation.FltPlan.com

High Altitude Jet Airway System

 Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) –  A geographically-limited, short-term, airspace restriction, that often encompass major sporting events, natural disaster areas, air shows, space launches, and Presidential movements.FAA TFRs

Flight Brief Newsletter Archives – Informative information for all aviators.  Brought to you by your flight planning company – FltPlan.com.Flt Brief NewsletterFlight Planning

NACO Approach Plates – United States Government Flight Information Publication.  US Terminal Procedures.US Terminal Procedures

NOTAMS / TFRs  – Domestic and ICAO Notams and Temporary Flight Restrictions.

FAA Notams

NOTAM Decode – How to decode A NOTAM code group that contains five letters.  This is a 12 page PDF file that assists in decoding these special character Notam sets.

DINS – Defense Internet Notam System –  A quick and efficient system for worldwide NOTAMS generated by the military Notam system.

Dins Notam System

Aviation Regulations (FARs)  –  Select the Part you would like to study and review.FARs

Airman’s Information Manual (AIM)   – Once on the FAA page, select the latest AIM and its current changes.AIM

Federal Aviation Administration Official Website –   Navigate the FAA’s website to find information regarding: Aircraft, Airports, Air Traffic, Data & Research, Licenses & Certificates, Regulations & Policies, and Training & Testing.

FAA Century of Flight

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MD11 on Final Approach


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