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Captain Tom Wick

MD11 Flight in the early 2000s.

Captain Thomas Wick, your Pilot-In-Command, has enjoyed an aviation career that has spanned 45 years and over 25,600 hours of ACCIDENT FREE flying.  Born and raised in Minnesota, Tom developed a love for flying at an early age and began his career, not as a pilot but as a Navigator in the Air National Guard while waiting for his entry into pilot training.  Scheduled to fly as a weapons system officer on the F101 “Voodoo,” family commitments drew him to the west coast where he began a career as a C5A Galaxy Navigator and Instructor at Travis AFB, Ca.

Four years later Tom attended Air Force Pilot Training at Williams AFB in Arizona and returned to Travis where he completed his career entirely on the C5A/B/C aircraft.  Quickly assuming greater responsibilities, he became an Aircraft Commander, Instructor and Flight Examiner performing multiple roles in strategic airlift and spent the next 22 years training and evaluating squadron pilots.  He was appointed Chief of Aircrew Standardization in two different C5 squadrons and spent many years administering the squadron’s flight standards and training programs in accordance with policy directives established by Headquarters Military Airlift Command (MAC) and subsequently Air Mobility Command (AMC).  Also, during that period he served as the Assistant Chief of Airlift Operations for 4th Air Force at McClellan AFB and then March AFB.  After a successful 33 year career with many flying safety awards and accomplishments, Tom retired in 2002 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

It was during his time with the Air Force Reserve that Tom was successful in attaining his lifelong career goal of flying for the airlines.  In 1981 he became employed by World Airways, a US international air carrier out of Oakland, California and over an accident-free 33-year airline career he flew the DC8-63, B727-200, DC10-10, DC10-30, and MD11.   He served in all flight capacities including Flight Engineer (Second Officer), First Officer, Captain, and Simulator / Line Check Airman.  World Airways was a worldwide air transportation company and serviced civilian customers as well as the US Military in passenger service and all cargo operations.

Over the years, Tom flew many wet lease contracts for World’s domestic and international customers including:  FedEx, UPS, Burlington, Emory, Etihad Airlines, Malaysian Airline Systems, Garuda Indonesian, Philippine Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, El Al, Monarch, City Bird, Staf Cargo, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Aer Lingus, UTA, Korean, Asiana, EVA Air, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and many travel and tourism companies.  His employment terminated when World Airways ceased operations in March 2014.

As a World Airways pilot, Captain Wick assumed many additional duties including: Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee for the pilots union, special assistant to the president of World working on special projects of high priority, evaluated new hire applicants for potential employment, and as a simulator and line instructor and check airman for many years.  He was responsible for initial and recurrent simulator training and checking, line operations including Initial Operating Experience (IOE) which later became Operational Experience (OE) and training and releasing newly upgraded pilots to captain in conjunction with FAA requirements.  Additionally, Tom conducted many line and standardization evaluations to ensure the highest standards were maintained at the airline.

Earlier in his airline career, and as a consequence of being furloughed, Tom became employed by Pan American World Airways (Pan AM) and flew for 14 months as a B727-200 First Officer while being domiciled at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York.  When recalled to duty with World Airways, Tom elected to terminate his employment and returned to his original airline due to the future uncertainty of Pan Am.

Once World Airways ceased operations in 2014, Tom elected to continue his flying career and completed initial training on the Citation V, which culminated with the successful completion of a CE-500 type rating ride.  He then completed the Single Pilot Exemption Program with Flight Safety and is now qualified after differences training to fly the Citation I, II, SII, V, Bravo, Ultra, and Encore – all single pilot.  He is also type rated CE-525S with single pilot privileges from CJ through CJ3, and the CJ4 plus all Citation CE-500 Legacy Jets encompassing a total of 17 models of CE-500 and CE-525 aircraft.  Recently, Tom attained his Certified Flight Instructor Rating, CFII with privileges for Multi-Engine Land and Instrument instruction.  He also received a type rating on the Hawker 850XP “SIC Only.”

Tom lives at home in Northern California with his wife Brenda.   Their two daughters Lisa, Christie, and son-in-law Geoff all live in the area and they all support Tom in his continued career aspirations in corporate aviation.

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Meet Your Pilot

Thomas Wick – Career pictures  –   US Air Force

T38 Talon C5 Galaxy C5 Air Refueling

World Airways

MD11  MD11 EngineMD11 Inflight DC10-30 - N103WADownrange Downrange2

My last known recorded You Tube video (with ATC communications – “World 9458”) filmed by an aviation enthusiast at Hannover, Germany Airport on 18 June 2012 upon arrival from Baku, Azerbaijan .

MD11-Hannover Germany
Click on the Picture to view the video…..MD11 Hannover Germany

Flight on a Citation II

Tom Wick
Citation II Flight on May 20, 2015









Pan Am

PanAm PanAm Clipper B727

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Thomas A. “Tom” Wick

ATP Ratings:  MD11, DC10
CE-500  “Single Pilot” –   CJ-525S “Single Pilot”

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